These past few months have been, hands down, the most exciting for my family for as far back as I can remember.  My older sister (and only sibling) Melanie is pregnant with a baby girl!  Penelope Joy, aka Baby Penny.

A few weeks back Brandon and I flew down to Charleston, SC to see my family and finally find out the gender of the baby.  Because Brandon and I are the only ones out of my family now that still live in Michigan, Mel and Kev waited for us to fly down so we could all find out together what this little bundle of joy would be :).  Earlier that week, the doctor had slipped the gender discretely into an envelope, and they headed to the baker. They instructed him to bake a simple cake, and the inner frosting was to be either blue or pink.  That way, once we were finally all together, we would cut the cake and know the gender!

And it was pink :)

Below are some images from that afternoon, and some photographs I took of my beautifully pregnant sister the following morning.  Words cannot explain how much I miss my family, especially during this extremely happy and emotional time.

I love you all….and Penny, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms….

Totally not their last name…


(BTW, my sister and kevin have an obnoxiously cute little blog documenting their journey with little penny…definitely worth a read if you are the type to exclaim “awwwwwwwe!!” ;))



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