Every year for the holidays Brandon and I take a trip down to Charleston, SC to spend Christmas with my family.  In case you haven’t read before, my entire immediate family (mom, dad, sister + brother-in-law and grandma) all packed up and moved down south a couple of years ago.  Brandon and I actually moved down as well, but after a year came back up to Michigan.  LONG STORY SHORT, we take turns spending Christmas with my family and Brandon’s family, so this year we went down to celebrate over Thanksgiving.

Mel and Kev (my sister and brother-in-law) just moved into their beautiful new home, and I can’t express enough just how great it was to snuggle up and relax with the whole fam and watch Christmas movies, exchange gifts, and just hang out.  I wish I could get in the car and be there within 10 minutes whenever I wanted! We do visit each other several times throughout the year as well, but it just isn’t enough! This trip was also exciting because this was our first time driving down our baby Crowley and introducing him to the other family pups.  Much to our surprise, they got along great!  You see, Charlie and Stanley are little punks and like to pretend they are gang-bangers sometimes, but luckily Crowley is a big clumsy doofus and they loved each other.

Here are some photos I snapped over our vacation and our time at the beach!

Mel’s pretty Thanksgiving setup in their new dining room

Dad and my sweet boy, Stanley

Mr. Handsome himself aka Crowley

I love these of my boys!

Charlie pup :)He’s such a sweetie!

Mel + KevMom+DadUs and our boy




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