As my focus over the past few years has shifted more and more towards wedding photography, the number of family sessions that I take on each year has become fewer and fewer.  However, anytime that I do get the chance to photograph a sweet family such as The Rileys, I am instantly reminded just how happy it makes me feel.

We started off hanging around their adorable home, playing games and snuggling up on the couch- a real day in the life.  I had suggested that Dan (who is a talented musician) pull out his guitar for a few songs while they snuggled, and as I stood back watching this family of 6 hugging and swaying back and forth, singing along so naturally as he played “Wagon Wheel”, I began tearing up instantly behind my camera from the pure joy+love that I was seeing before me.  We ended our morning together by playing outside in one of their favorite spots, running and laughing under the mossy oaks on a perfect sunny day. Thank you so much, Dan and Jana, for inviting me into your home with warm welcome, and giving me a glimpse into your precious life together <3



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