Mike and Katie tied the knot just over a year ago, and are such a beautiful couple (inside, and obviously out)! Katie is quite possibly the sweetest girl I have ever met, and Mike just adores her.  Katie is a law student at UofM, and was so excited to be able to take a break and pencil in some time to forget about studying, and just love on her hubby…and their pup!  We started off with their little pup Bandit for some holiday photos.  Bandit is 5 years old and looks like a forever puppy, I love him!! As soon as I got in the car he gave me the sad lover eyes and inched closer to snuggle up.  Omg me melts my heart.  After we dropped off Bandit, we did a quick change of wardrobe and headed to campus for our “love session”.  Who says you need to be engaged to have an excuse to take hott pics of you and your man?? No one!

Katie and Mike, thanks for a great time and I hope you love them! :)

<3 Amanda





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